Watermans Arts Centre, London

Long-standing relationships

Waterman’s is one of London’s truly independent art’s venues. Having worked with them previously on a series of successful campaigns and events, we were invited in to rejuvenate their dated brand identity and most challengingly the quirky, grey building they call home.

Making an impact

Adopting a confident visual style of bold typography and playful colours the space was cost-effectively plastered with fly-posters and signage creating an inviting, vibrant environment to reflect the high-quality nature of the centre’s cultural offering.

Getting noticed

For too long potential visitors had walked straight past the almost unbranded site (often mistaking it for a car park), we thought it was about time they shouted about how great they are. Through the graphic posters series we were also able to inform visitors about the venue’s independent status, driving home its importance to the local area and community.

A practical purpose

The multi-functioning venue offers different spaces, activities and events to its loyal and new visitors. A simple, bold wayfinding strategy was adopted to help them navigate the expansive building with ease, whilst providing guests with a shared-experience of being in a vibrant and welcoming environment.