A bridge to connect designers

Viaduct is an independent retailer of contemporary furniture and lighting. For over 25 years we have promoted the work of designers and companies we believe in. Founded in 1989 by Architect James Mair as a conduit for his love of contemporary design, Viaduct is named for its purpose, to act as a ‘bridge’ connecting designers to those interested in their work.

A unique approach to design

James set out to create something that would attract clients and creatives curious about design, where they could find unique pieces for their home or projects. Viaduct have been selective over the graphic designers they’ve worked with for their promotional materials so we’re flattered to be asked to work on this project, joining design greats including Made Thought and Sawdust.

Reflecting on 25 years

To celebrate Viaduct’s 25th year in business, the piece was to promote an event celebrating 25 years of chair design and looking to the future of what’s coming next. Reviewing the pieces we took inspiration for the print work from a central mirrored ‘stage’ that ran through the centre of the exhibition. 

We mixed unique contrasting colours for the print and silver foil-blocked the VIP invitations to match the mirrored surface to both the face and edge. 

Boosting the coverage

Our design was picked up by respected IdN (International Design Network) as a cover for their print and digital magazine, demonstrating that good design pays for itself. The magazine has a reach of cover 349,000 leading design professionals promoting Viaduct internationally.