Sony Music,


Establishing a remarkable presence.

It would be hard not to know who Sony Music are, though before this project you could have stood outside their offices without knowing of their existence in London’s Derry Street. Sony’s story began in 1887 with the formation of Columbia Records – still the oldest surviving label in the recording industry. Today, Sony Music comprises a variety of record labels devoted to every genre of music, from rock to pop, classical to urban.


In the UK, Columbia, RCA, Since ’93, Syco, Relentless, Black Butter, Ministry of Sound, Insanity and The Orchard are part of the Sony Music family and represent a hugely diverse roster of artists.

Sony Music’s head office has won numerous awards, designed by MoreySmith who’ve captured Sony and the spirit of the individual labels. This second phase of work was to give a presence for each of the main brands found within the building. Specifically on arrival to Derry Street and to create a statement piece as visitors exit the lifts.


We worked with MoreySmith to develop their concept for the Sony Music reception area. A process which resulted in a bold and graphic reimagining the Sony Music paint splash. The neon installation is a real statement, welcoming staff and visitors into the headquarters. On the floors above the brands are presented as lightboxes, individualising each record label through different materials to match their brand personality.

Sony Music now has a clear street presence, where first time visitors would walk past the building confused and the neon logo acts like a beacon to new talent. Upon arrival to the floors above visitors are presented with a raft of recognisable labels that demonstrate Sony Music’s ownership of their space. We continue to work with Sony Music and Syco to create physical interpretations of their brand across the building.



Sony Music




Creative Direction - Dan Moscrop
Designer - Sonia Torosyan-Compton
Project Manager - Alice Chilton