Ivana Stanisic:
How the blurring of the lines between live, work and play is improving our communities

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, delve into the realm of innovative workplace design with host Dan Moscrop. In this episode, Ivana Stansic, an associate at Tate Hindle, shares invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of architectural design, particularly emphasizing flexibility and adaptability in response to dynamic work environments and lifestyles.

Stansic draws inspiration from historical architectural successes, such as Victorian and Georgian homes, which epitomized versatile spaces capable of adapting to changing needs. She navigates through the evolution of residential and commercial design, shedding light on the convergence of office and home spaces, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Having honed her expertise through master planning projects at JTP before joining Tate Hindle, Stansic advocates for cross-scale design thinking and the seamless integration of commercial and residential elements in architectural endeavors.

The conversation delves into the repercussions of COVID-19 on work-life equilibrium, the virtues of remote work, and the shifting dynamics of urban living. Stansic champions the creation of spaces that empower users and champion flexibility, enabling adaptation to evolving needs and lifestyles.

Exploring European design principles that prioritize customization and adaptability, Stansic contrasts them with traditional British approaches. Insights from European models, including flexible floor plans and community-centric living, offer profound lessons for enhancing residential design in the UK.

Ivana underscores the challenge of enticing individuals back to the office amidst the allure of improved home working conditions, stressing the necessity for offices to evolve into social hubs with outdoor spaces, not merely workstations. They contemplate the concept of 15-minute communities and the imperative of showcasing the benefits of sustainable living environments to communities.

The conversation delves into Tyndall's innovative approach to office design, prioritizing transparency, flexibility, and a vibrant company culture. Ivana shares anecdotes on how Tyndall fosters staff engagement through diverse events like breakfast meetings, CPDs, and board game nights, nurturing a positive work environment.

In conclusion, Ivana accentuates the significance of flexibility, reimagining commutes, and balancing the big picture with meticulous attention to detail in design, encapsulating pivotal considerations for crafting effective workplace environments. Tune in to the SpaceCraft podcast for a captivating exploration of architectural innovation and workplace dynamics.