Collin Burry:
Design is about getting your hands dirty and diving head first into the learning process

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, join host Dan Moscrop in an enlightening interview with Colin Burry from Gensler, a trailblazer in innovative workplace design. Colin takes us on a journey from his early studies in interior design in Los Angeles to his remarkable 26-year tenure at Gensler, reflecting on the dynamic creative scene of 1980s Los Angeles and the influences of iconic figures like Frank Gehry and Charles Moore.

In this episode, Colin delves into the rise of creative energy in San Francisco, fueled by the tech industry, and shares his experiences collaborating with major companies such as Apple, Facebook, and Airbnb. He gained insights into their commitment to employee well-being and the pursuit of innovative workspace design. Colin emphasizes the importance of challenging conventional approaches to create environments that foster creativity and collaboration.

San Francisco's evolution is shaped by technological innovation and the challenges of rapid growth as Colin reflects on his interactions with Steve Jobs and the transformative impact of working with pioneering tech companies. The discussion extends to fast-paced project timelines, transitioning in a changing market, and the influence of COVID-19 on work-life balance.

Colin and Dan dive deep into the evolving corporate cultures of companies like Airbnb and Netflix, highlighting principles of freedom, responsibility, and inclusivity. The conversation expands to encompass San Francisco's dynamic environment, addressing challenges such as homelessness, and exploring the city's resilience to change.

Discover Colin's insights on projects with companies like Pladis, emphasizing the importance of client inspiration and originality in design amidst the homogenizing influence of social media. The episode concludes with reflections on workplace innovation, pushing boundaries in the design industry, and the imperative of staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of workspace design. Don't miss this compelling conversation on the SpaceCraft podcast.