Jonathan Wagstaffe: Why We Need To Over-Communicate With Our Staff

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop explores how innovative workplace design transforms office environments with guest John Wagstaffe, an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in digital marketing and business growth strategies.

John shares his entrepreneurial background starting an IT/computer networking business in the 90s before moving into digital marketing and founding Growva, educating leaders on leveraging digital strategies for growth.

A key focus is the importance of strong employer branding and employee value propositions in workplace branding. John emphasizes understanding employee personas like customer personas to attract/retain top talent by showcasing company culture, values and purpose through channels like social media and video.

They discuss COVID-19's impact on workplace dynamics like maintaining culture, collaboration and mentorship remotely. Potential purposes for physical offices are explored such as facilitating in-person interactions, specialized equipment use, and serving as brand experiences for clients through innovative workspace design.

John provides insights on the pandemic's acceleration of digital transformation - businesses rapidly adopting e-commerce, online communication tools, and technologies like web chat. He encourages experimentation and data measurement for maximizing digital workplace strategies.

Overall, the discussion covers workplace design's role in employee engagement, digital marketing's influence on workplace branding, and adapting office environments to the post-COVID business landscape through architecture and innovative space utilization.