Dani Salamon & Michael Kieck: Creating a Blended Solution to Workplace

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews Dani Salamon and Michael Kieck, designers at MoreySmith specializing in transformative workplace architecture and branded office environments.

Dani discusses her inspiration from Barcelona's design scene leading her to MoreySmith. They explore her 2014 Primark office renovation project transforming an outdated space into a modern, dynamic workspace embodying the fashion brand's identity through innovative design.

Michael shares his background and MoreySmith's appeal of working across various innovative workspace projects and brands, including the award-winning McKinsey office architecture.

They dive into MoreySmith's "The Evolving Normal" workplace research exploring how office design must adapt post-COVID to employee needs like 4-day weeks, work-life balance, and pet-friendly policies through human-centric workspace strategies.

The conversation highlights fostering collaboration, creativity, company culture in the office which suffered during remote work, emphasizing stimulating, inclusive workspace design as a solution.

Recent MoreySmith projects are discussed like the CBRE headquarters renovation and Castleforge offices aimed at dynamic, employee-focused spaces attracting talent through branded environmental design aligning workplace experience with company culture.

Overall, insights are provided on transforming outdated offices into branded workspace environments reflecting client identities and the future of innovative post-COVID workplace architecture prioritizing human needs.