Lee Penson:
How to deliver big ideas to big brands with a rapid delivery and sustainable outcome

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews Lee Penson about how COVID-19 transformed workplace models, leading innovative architecture and workspace design firm Penson.

Dan and Lee discuss the pandemic shift to hybrid home/office schedules, Lee voicing that the traditional 9-5 office is outdated, requiring more flexibility in workplace design to accommodate diverse work styles.

They delve into Lee's disruptive design projects for major brands like Ferrari, Virgin Atlantic, Blue Bales restaurant, Google, and Sports Direct - creating unique experiences through innovative architecture and branded workspace environments often delivered rapidly.

A major focus is Lee's "no pitching" philosophy avoiding speculative work, instead getting paid for initial design concepts allowing proper client evaluation and fit - an approach landing high-profile workspace projects like Jay-Z's office.

Sustainability is paramount, with Penson designing carbon-negative buildings through inherently sustainable local material use versus superficial "green" gimmicks in workplace architecture and environmental branding.

Lee advises aspiring designers/entrepreneurs to persevere through setbacks, deliver quality work without ego, and be willing to put in hard work for success in transformative design for branded workplace environments.