James Saunders: Without the right people you can't achieve your business goals

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews James Saunders from Talent Locker, a recruitment firm specializing in workplace transformation and innovative workspace design.

Dan and James discuss the talent shortage challenges organizations face hiring skilled professionals in workplace strategy, architecture and transformative workspace branding. They highlight competition for top candidates and the need for swift hiring processes.

James emphasizes flexibility, empowerment, providing the right tools/resources for employees in the evolving remote work paradigm businesses must adapt to. He discusses HR's shifting role focused on employee wellbeing, nurturing talent for sustainable workplace design.

They explore factors influencing employee turnover like boredom, lack of growth, compensation elsewhere, stressing feedback's importance in fostering positive organizational branding regardless of outcome.

Strategies for attracting/retaining top talent are discussed, including competitive salaries, professional development, positive work culture cultivated through innovative office architecture and workspace branding. James advises streamlined hiring, compensation transparency to avoid losing candidates.

They touch on globalization enabling worldwide remote hiring for architecture/design roles. James shares Talent Locker's growth plans and perspective on the future of workplace recruitment and transformative branding.

Overall, insights are provided on current job dynamics, the importance of engagement/retention through human-centric office design, and best practices for attracting top talent aligning workspace transformation with company branding.