Jennifer Bryan:
Silence is really loud in leading change

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews Jennifer Bryan, discussing her career transition from acting to change management and innovative approaches to workplace transformation.

Jennifer highlights resilience's importance navigating rejection and uncertainty, sharing her journey integrating learning and change through her AB Change Model for helping managers navigate organizational changes effectively.

She stresses a human-centric approach to change management focusing on employee engagement, addressing concerns to create value fostering retention in the workspace design. Jennifer shares experiences from nearly 40 organizations on fostering pride, loyalty through meaningful engagement, purpose-driven leadership impacting workplace branding.

The discussion explores the evolution of workplace dynamics and holistic change management beyond communication/training plans. Jennifer emphasizes foresight tools, comprehensive planning for navigating future uncertainties in architecture and workspace design.

Dan and Jennifer explore executive sponsorship's critical role driving organizational change distinctly from leadership, stressing genuine top-level management involvement for successful workplace transformation initiatives.

They discuss cultural challenges in government organizations, emphasizing effective communication strategies, executive buy-in, and organizational alignment for impactful change management and sustainable workspace branding.

Jennifer concludes with insights from her forthcoming book on recognizing silence's importance in leading change, emphasizing active listening and understanding complex organizational transitions for human-centric workplace design.