Simon Jordon:
Applying First Principle Thinking to Your Workplace

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop explores transformative workplace architecture and branded environment design with Simon Jordon, co-founder of Jump Studios.

Dan and Simon discuss how he and partner Sean started Jump Studios 21 years ago, blending Simon's advertising/design background with Sean's architecture and theater set design experience.

They delve into Jump's "first principles thinking" approach - stripping problems down to fundamentals rather than imitating competitors. This innovative design philosophy was applied to groundbreaking projects like the Google Campus London and Nike's retail branding environments.

A major focus is Jump's large-scale placemaking work like the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Co-op Live Manchester arena, with Simon detailing strategies for enhancing fan experience through transformative architecture and environmental branding.

The conversation explores Jump's branded workspace design collaboration with Rapha, catering to cyclists' needs. Simon also reflects on bridging Nike's advertising with impactful retail experiences through human-centric space design.

Looking ahead, Dan and Simon discuss the future of post-pandemic office design and hybrid work models. Simon emphasizes rethinking offices' core purpose and designing spaces prioritizing productivity, motivation and employee wellbeing in distributed workforces through innovative workspace strategies.

Overall, Jump Studios' design philosophy, approach to diverse typologies like workplaces, retail, and venues, and insights on office evolution align workplace transformation with cutting-edge branded environment principles.