Caroline Pontifex:
Finding the cultural motivation behind a business, and what makes them tick

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop discusses pandemic-accelerated workplace wellness trends and the future of office design with Caroline Moller, co-founder of architectural firm KKS Savills.

Dan and Caroline explore how COVID-19 fast-tracked acceptance of wellness initiatives and innovative workspace strategies Caroline advocated for years - prioritizing mental health, social interaction, and community-building office environments through human-centric design principles.

Caroline shares her background studying spatial design, working in furniture prior to co-founding KKS in 2004. She highlights their major clients in legal, finance, real estate development sectors where transformative workplace architecture is reshaping once-rigid hierarchical office layouts.

They discuss the legal industry's historic attachment to cellular offices and how evolving to more dynamic, open workplace branding signals organizational confidence. Caroline emphasizes technologies enabling parity between in-office and remote employee experiences.

Caroline explains KKS's 2020 partnership with Savills to scale up global projects, anticipating an initial "pendulum swing" of office enthusiasm before balanced routines emerge incorporating remote work lessons like the four-day week Caroline advocates.

Overall, the conversation reflects pandemic-driven prioritization shifts in wellness-focused workplace design and speculates how innovative office architecture will continue evolving alongside new work models through human-centric space strategies.