Giuseppe Boscherini, Nikita Mikhailov
& Olga Vysotska:
How are you feeling?

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop explores COVID-19's impact on workplace mental health and innovative workspace design solutions with guests Giuseppe Boscherini, Nikita Mikhailov, and Olga Vysotska.

Psychologist Nikita emphasizes seeking help for pandemic struggles, stressing subjective wellbeing over comparisons. Giuseppe highlights challenges expressing feelings in the workplace, even pre-COVID, with sharing experiences far from reality.

Olga discusses psychological guidelines for employers and employees navigating COVID fatigue through the transformative workspace, including maintaining work-life balance amid lack of common office environments.

Giuseppe introduces "Box Office" - a personalized workspace providing safety, self-expression at home or the office through human-centric design mitigating pandemic stresses on workplace mental health.

Addressing return concerns, Nikita suggests embracing the new normal's changes with curiosity rather than forcing the past, discussing emerging conspiracy theories from lost control. They explore needs for artistic pandemic documentation like war artists.

Nikita concludes by emphasizing finding positives, helping others, and propelling solutions during unprecedented times - aligning workplace strategies with innovative architecture prioritizing employee wellbeing.