Rachel Basha & Nicola Osborn: Human centric design and the changing face of the landlord/occupier relationship

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop explores workplace transformation with Rachel Basha and Nicola Osborn from interior design firm Basha Franklin.

They discuss how COVID-19 lockdowns forced remote work, leading companies to reassess the office's role. Rachel and Nicola share how this crisis accelerated workplace trends like maintaining human connection and addressing loneliness through innovative office architecture.

The conversation explores evolving employee needs, with younger generations prioritizing authentic experiences, purpose, and human-centric workspace design offering flexibility and choice to support diverse requirements.

They examine offices becoming community-oriented with local co-working and fostering belonging through environmental branding. Technology's role enabling seamless remote/on-site collaboration and inclusive meeting environments is also covered.

Changing real estate dynamics are explored, with clients reassessing portfolios for more flexible, adaptable workplace solutions. Maximizing space utilization via sharing models and tech-enabled platforms is discussed.

Throughout, Rachel and Nicola emphasize designing for employee wellbeing, productivity, joy, nature connection, and work-life balance - aligning transformative workspace strategies with human needs.