Shane Kelly:
The importance of place and interaction

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews Shane Kelly, Principal at TP Bennett, an innovative architecture and workplace design firm transforming branded office environments.

They discuss TP Bennett's exciting and challenging workplace projects driven by client expectations around the transformational power of strategic workspace branding and innovative office design. Shane highlights their diverse, multicultural team thriving in the industry's healthy competition.

Shane shares their notable project for The Guardian, interpreting the media brand's values into the branded office architecture and environmental design. He emphasizes understanding client culture, values and aspirations before conceptualizing authentic workplace solutions.

The conversation explores law firms' evolving needs, transitioning from traditional spaces to activity-based working environments through transformative workspace strategies supporting different modes. Projects for tech companies and airlines underscore TP Bennett's fresh perspectives.

They discuss modern themes like transparency, wellness, work-life balance, fostering innovation and happiness through human-centric workplace design principles. Shane stresses aligning business goals, aspirations and employee experience for meaningful branded environments.

Shane covers TP Bennett's strategic data-driven approach leveraging diverse disciplinary expertise to complement creative, technical capabilities in developing branded workplace architecture resonating with client culture.