Jeremy Spratley:
An Introduction to Spacecraft - 
the Workplace Design Podcast

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews Jeremy Spratling, an architect and founder of Spratley and Partners architecture firm.

In the first part of the conversation, Jeremy talks about starting his own architecture firm, Spratley and Partners, in 2005 after leaving a previous job. He discusses the early days of running a one-person firm and landing his first small projects in workplace and office design.

They then discuss how the nature of business parks and office spaces has changed over the years to become more diverse, offering more amenities and lifestyle elements to attract tenants through innovative architecture and branding. Jeremy talks about projects his firm has worked on, such as St James' Square and Union Street, that exemplify these changing trends in workplace design.

The conversation turns to the influence of the digital era and how it is impacting office design and architecture, with more integrated technology, focus on brand experiences, flexibility, and work-life balance for employees. Jeremy shares his philosophy on not overworking his team.

They discuss the process of developing good client briefs, working with project managers, and the importance of collaborating with branding agencies early in workplace design projects. Jeremy notes some of his favorite types of clients that give his architecture firm more creative freedom.

Towards the end, they touch on Jeremy's experience building his own home, hiring and retaining talent at his firm including opening a Bristol office, and the impact of his firm's recent rebranding with a design agency. Overall, it covers Jeremy's career journey and insights into contemporary office design trends and branding in architecture.