Rob Haworth:
The importance of interior-led architecture

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews Rob Dolling, an architect at LTS Architects.

Rob shares his background transitioning from a large practice like Wilkinson Eyre to the smaller LTS Architects, where he could work on more intimate and client-focused projects, enjoying the opportunity to reimagine existing buildings for new uses in architecture and workplace design. They discuss the challenges and rewards of residential projects for private clients, highlighting the importance of understanding the client's vision while guiding them to unexpected solutions that create continuity between interior and exterior design.

A significant portion revolves around Rob's project transforming an outdated IT lab at City University's Drysdale Building into a modern, flexible workspace for students. Rob explains the innovative low ceiling height, varied work settings to accommodate different learning styles, and other design solutions employed in the workplace architecture. Dan and Rob explore the differences between designing workspaces for professionals versus students, touching on emerging trends, technology's influence, and the need for quiet and collaborative spaces in office design.

Finally, Rob shares insights into LTS Architects' current and upcoming projects, including private homes, university frameworks, and collaborations to repurpose underutilized spaces on campuses like King's College London for new workplace environments. The conversation covers Rob's career journey, design philosophy, and experiences blending functionality with creative solutions across diverse architecture and workplace design projects.