Christopher Crawford: Using design to bring a building to life for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews Christopher Crawford, an interior designer at Gensler.

The conversation revolved around several interior design projects that Gensler, Christopher Crawford's firm, has worked on in workplace design and architecture. They discussed the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust project, where Gensler transformed the organization's building into a co-working space and event venue. The design incorporated vibrant colors and elements celebrating Stephen Lawrence's legacy as an aspiring architect.

Another project they covered was the Tower Hamlets Food Bank, a pro-bono initiative where Gensler designed a training center and office space. The goal was to help the food bank provide employment assistance in addition to food donations through innovative workplace design. They also talked about the Cherry Duck Studios project, a smaller-scale endeavor where Gensler creatively utilized recycled materials to design a co-working space for the media industry on a tight budget.

Christopher highlighted an ongoing project with the Press Association, a news agency, where Gensler is designing a new workspace to facilitate the client's desired work processes and future aspirations through modern office architecture. Throughout the conversation, he emphasized Gensler's approach of understanding a client's business, workflows, and vision to create workplaces that empower employees and align with the company's culture and branding through interior design.

Additionally, Christopher discussed the collaborative nature of Gensler, leveraging expertise from various regions and industry sectors to drive innovative design solutions for workplace environments. Towards the end, he offered advice for aspiring interior designers, encouraging an open mindset, continuous learning, and a willingness to take on challenges while seeking support when needed in office design projects.