Jenny Jones:
Creating thresholds to re-imagine open plan offices

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews Jenny Jones, an architect known for her focus on the human experience in design.

In the first part of the conversation, they discuss Jenny's background and experience working at renowned architecture firms like Rogers and OMA. Jenny talks about how those experiences shaped her approach to design, emphasizing qualities like patience, focus, collaboration, and understanding the story and brand identity behind projects through innovative workplace architecture.

They then talk about Jenny's journey of discovery, which led her to attend a conference on neuroscience and architecture in California. This sparked her interest in exploring how design can positively impact human behavior and experiences in the built environment.

The conversation shifts to Jenny's design for the Fjord Studio office in London. She shares details about her process, including the importance of understanding the client's values and translating them into spatial experiences through materials, thresholds, and various levels of visibility and acoustics in workplace design.

They also discuss the collaborative nature of the project, with Jenny working closely with the Fjord team to understand their workflows and create adaptive spaces that could accommodate different activities and behaviors through innovative office architecture and branding.

Additionally, Jenny touches on her passion for teaching and how it complements her practice, as well as her philosophy of balancing intuition and research in her design approach to workplace environments.

The interview concludes with Jenny describing her exhibition at the Venice Biennale, where she explored the concept of "the space between" and how it relates to human experiences in architectural spaces and office design.