Jane Clay:
Women in Office Design, understanding your client, and adapting to locales and regions

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop explores innovative workplace strategies and transformative office design with Jane Pendry, discussing her influential career journey from an early passion for architecture and rearranging dollhouse furniture.

Jane shares her corporate interiors beginnings in the US before joining UK-based workplace consultancy DGW - an impactful environment shaping her strategic thinking around human-centric workspace design aligned with brand identities.

The conversation examines workplace trends like mobile working, flexible coworking spaces (WeWork), and client demands for adaptable branded office environments. Jane provides project insights for clients like British Land, Microsoft, and UK Government Digital Service, emphasizing design's role catering to unique cultures and objectives.

Jane stresses the importance of empathy, listening, and understanding client motivations when developing tailored workplace strategies and solutions through transformative design principles accommodating multi-generational workforces. She explores balancing remote needs with the office's enduring role as a space for gathering, belonging and cross-mentorship.

Reflecting on her Gensler experience, Jane highlights the firm's entrepreneurial, risk-taking culture driving innovation across global architecture and workplace projects. She discusses Gensler's family values, strategic approaches to employee engagement, retention and alumni relations.

Finally, Jane expresses support for Harsha Battu's Women in Office Design group as a valuable platform inspiring conversations, networking, and mentorship for women pioneering branded workspace transformation.