Deepak Parmar:
Bringing creativity to the workplace

This week on the SpaceCraft Podcast, Dan Moscrop explores innovative workplace strategies and branded environment design with Deepak Parmar from architecture and interior firm MCM.

They discuss MCM's fun, human-centric work culture where Deepak's commercial interior background integrates with MCM's 80-person interdisciplinary team of architects, designers, furniture specialists and consultants.

Deepak emphasizes MCM's integrated design approach starting from behavioral perspectives when transforming workspaces like Condé Nast International's digital hub. He describes blending the luxury brand's identity with the historic Adelphi building through creative solutions.

The conversation highlights designing beyond aesthetics to create memorable branded experiences considering senses, user journeys and intangible spatial qualities fostering success.

Deepak shares MCM's work integrating multiple brands under one roof for Havas Media while preserving individual identities through innovative architectural strategies like staircases encouraging chance encounters.

With a diverse client base across creative, corporate, legal and financial sectors, Deepak underscores MCM's cross-pollination of ideas bringing creative workplace transformations to traditional firms through human-centric design principles.

They discuss evolving employee expectations demanding companies invest in branded environments attracting/retaining talent, spotlighting MCM's Nationwide project focusing on inclusivity, accessibility and wellness through innovative office architecture.

Overall, the dialogue explores MCM's experience-driven design philosophy rooted in behavior-based research methods when reshaping environments into transformative branded workspaces.