Richard Russell:
Biophilia, moss, and sustainability in design

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop explores biophilic design and sustainable workspace branding with Richard Russell from InnerSpace, a company manufacturing innovative moss and preserved plant panels for transformative interior environments.

Richard shares InnerSpace's journey transitioning from a carpet manufacturer agent to pioneers of biophilic workspace design using lowland, cushion, and reindeer moss varieties preserved through specialized techniques.

A major focus is the principles of biophilic design bringing natural elements indoors despite InnerSpace's moss panels being non-living. Richard passionately advocates for the benefits of incorporating these organic patterns and materials into branded office architecture for human-centric workspaces.

Sustainability is also paramount, with InnerSpace using eco-friendly compressed straw backing boards and minimizing plastic waste through their manufacturing processes aligned with transformative environmental design strategies.

Richard highlights InnerSpace's high-profile projects like moss walls for TJX Europe, WeWork, Uber, and creating branded moss signage for Warner Bros. films such as Wonder Woman - showcasing their unique innovative design solutions.

Throughout, Richard's passion for biophilic principles and sustainable practices in interior design shines, conveying the joys of working in this niche yet transformative branded workspace arena with InnerSpace's organic offerings.