Simon Borg:
Bringing brands to life in some of the world's greatest stadiums

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop explores the intersection of architecture and experiential branding with Simon Borg, Creative Director of Populous Activate, the brand activation arm of innovative architecture firm Populous.

Borg discusses his background in graphic design and early career in environmental graphics and wayfinding design for museums and zoos before being hired to start Populous' transformative brand activation team.

A key focus is Borg's work deeply integrating O2's branding into all aspects of the arena's design and visitor experience through seamless architectural and environmental graphics solutions as one of Populous Activate's first major branded placemaking projects.

He highlights Populous' collaborative approach uniting their architectural and brand teams from the start on projects like Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Groupama Stadium - weaving wayfinding and branding elements into the buildings' very forms and materials.

The discussion covers enhancing gameday and event experiences for fans through strategic amenities planning, technology integration and designing for changing venue uses across global markets, demonstrated in Populous' work on the London Olympics.

Overall, Borg shares his unique perspective crafting immersive branded environments at the nexus of transformative architecture, experiential graphic design and innovative spatial placemaking strategies.