Mijail Gutierrez:
How can spaces influence people’s behaviour?

This week on The SpaceCraft Podcast, host Dan Moscrop discusses innovative interior design philosophies and transformative workplace strategies with Mijail Gutierrez, an architect and designer at Perkins and Will.

They explore Mijail's background pivoting from architecture studies in Venezuela to interior design, driven by understanding how spaces influence human behavior and using design to create better buildings through human-centric workspace principles.

Mijail shares his educational journey, including an MA in Interior Design from the Royal College of Art and a Master of Philosophy degree, delving into Venezuela's architectural influences.

A significant portion covers Mijail's approach at Perkins and Will, highlighting the firm's rigorous design review process emphasizing design excellence and social purpose through innovative architecture and branded workplace environments.

He provides an in-depth look at his major project redesigning The Economist's collaborative office spaces after embedding with their teams to deeply understand workflows, needs and cultural nuances before creating solutions like communal zones, tech displays and private areas.

The discussion explores Perkins and Will's inclusivity efforts designing multi-generational workplaces catering to diverse neurological needs and age groups, with Mijail sharing exploratory concepts integrating childcare for cross-generational interaction.

Throughout, Mijail conveys his interior design principles centered on understanding human behavior, cultural factors and creating inclusive, collaborative environments through transformative workspace strategies aligning innovative architecture with organizational needs.