Rosie Haslem:
The value of an iterative approach to design

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop explores innovative workplace architecture and data-driven design strategies with Rosie Haslem from SpaceLab.

Rosie discusses SpaceLab's user-centric approach to transformative office design based on deep data analysis and qualitative research, stemming from their origins and partnership with University College London.

She shares her human geography background and career path leading to SpaceLab, where she applies spatial expertise to reshaping branded workplace environments.

The conversation highlights SpaceLab's use of technology like Revit and virtual reality for collaborative design, engaging end-users in virtual walkthroughs to iteratively refine transformative workspace solutions.

Rosie spotlights notable SpaceLab projects including Boohoo's headquarters redesign transforming underutilized warehouse space, along with workplace innovations for Virgin, Warner Bros, ASOS, UK Parliament and Goodwood racing facilities.

Rosie emphasizes SpaceLab's focus on human-centric workspace transformation rooted in research, collaboration and empowering clients with insightful spatial analytics for branded architecture solutions.

Finally, she covers SpaceLab's new sensor technology development for monitoring occupancy, energy usage and air quality - optimizing sustainable workspace utilization through data-driven facility design and branded environmental strategies.