Duncan Gunn:
Applying sticky campus thinking to the workplace

This week on the SpaceCraft Podcast, Dan Moscrop interviews Duncan Gunn, architect and founder of Gunn Architects, exploring innovative workspace strategies and branded office environments.

They discuss Dan's company establishing Gunn Architects' foundational branding and ethos focused on the "why" - their purpose and values driving transformative design solutions.

A core topic is Duncan's "Sticky Campus" concept from education translating to corporate workplace design. The Sticky Campus philosophy creates environments with wide corridors, hangout spaces, amenities like gyms/food fostering interaction beyond formal activities.

Duncan explores adapting this for office environments increasing employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity through flexible space design facilitating interaction. Improved air quality, lighting, acoustics and amenities create branded workspace environments where people enjoy their time.

Current Gunn projects are highlighted, like a Japanese food import company's culturally-considerate headquarters showcasing human-centric design principles. Potential Europe projects and bringing on historic building conservation expertise are also discussed.

Throughout, Duncan emphasizes Gunn Architects' purpose-driven approach focused on creating innovative branded workspace solutions aligned with clients' core "why" through employee-centered office architecture strategies.