Catherine Borowski:
Creating a job around the things you love, why art should be accessible and how placemaking can transform space

This week on the SpaceCraft podcast, Dan Moscrop explores the realm of experiential placemaking and public art activation with Catherine Borowski, founder of Produce UK.

Catherine explains evolving her brand from event production into transformative placemaking - creating immersive destinations and spaces where people want to spend time. She shares how her artistic background and observations of corporate spaces sparked an interest in reshaping environments.

They discuss Catherine's major placemaking projects like Kings Cross and Wembley Park, describing community engagement initiatives through events, marketing and actively changing perceptions to make spaces welcoming and accessible for all.

Catherine covers the origin of her innovative "Skip Gallery" - exhibiting artwork in skips/dumpsters placed around London, making art more publicly accessible during events like Frieze Art Fair. She addresses accessibility's importance for major exhibitions like Antony Gormley's Royal Academy show.

Looking ahead, Catherine hopes emerging artists get more public art commissions from developers beyond major names. She shares her recent art projects and future plans for a "Skip Pavilion" installation innovating the intersection of art and architecture.

Throughout, the conversation explores Catherine's journey pioneering engaging placemaking that reshapes branded environments through community-focused activations and workspace strategies fostering creative public interaction.