Understanding core values

When the talented folk at Letalab approached us for a rebrand we jumped at the chance to work with them! Having partnered with them on projects in the past, we know first-hand what a talented and creative bunch they are. Letalab required a branding identity to capture their creativity, smart-thinking and personal approach to copywriting.

We wanted the logo to convey Letalab’s human, honest brand values, which was achieved by crafting softened details into the logotype. At the same time Letalab’s work largely occupies digital spaces, so a nod to this and their core client base is seen through the brand icon which was inspired by square brackets and given a modern techy twist.

Bringing the brand to life

The bespoke, playful details to the logo letterforms give the brand warmth which is further supported by the colour palette which includes a sunshine yellow and secondary palette of carefully selected vibrant pastels. Check out the playful, quirky animated version of the logo we created which can be used to convey even more brand personality in digital applications.

Letalab is currently in the process of updating the branding on their website, so website visuals shown are illustrative of intent only.