Aldgate Tower, London

Creating a sense of arrival

In 2019 Basha—Franklin were appointed by Brookfield Properties to breathe life into the stark reception space of one of their prominent London skyscrapers, set on the boundary of the City of London. To activate the existing space, Basha-Franklin worked on softening the grand modernist lobby, setting curves against the stark linear patterns that used to dominate the office complex. Budget meant some features couldn’t change, including the marble panels above reception and the ceiling fixtures. Rather than fight or hide these with our graphics, we created a system to compliment the existing features in keeping with B—F’s design strategy.

Shifting from modernist to contemporary

The fins, running along the length of the facade, provided a unique opportunity to create an exciting visual effect, that constantly shifts with motion and with light, and can be experienced both from the interior as well as the exterior. Each fin is unique, featuring both an intricate green and a bold silver foil that reflects its environment in a subtle manner. The two layers interact to create a moire effect.

Opening up the space

We worked with Brookfield to find the best solution to enhance and open up the elevator area. Each light-well received a free floating raft, that was then further reflected in the glass walls of the space. We covered the red glass doors using a high opacity vinyl, lightening up the space using a cost-effective solution.


The property provides the ingredients, interior design and architecture create the cake, the icing and candles make that cake special & personal. Them® add that special layer. A fantastic team who embrace the essence of the project as a whole, the solutions inject the excitement of identity and graphic engagement synonymous with the overall design vision.

Nicola Osborn
Creative Director

Creating a dynamic brand

To complement Basha —Franklin’s design strategy, the brand redesign set out to become memorable, organic, sophisticated, true to the building and its location. We drew inspiration from the moire effect created by the tightly spaced slats found on the lobby’s ceiling. We used this unique feature to create a system of patterns that are simultaneously ordered but also organic. The ever changing and always dynamic patterns of the brand reflect the location that is a vibrant and unique meeting point between the Bangladeshi communities of Whitechapel and the City of London.