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Season 5- 5

Chris Coleman-Brown
Places need to work for people

Season 5- 4

Rosanna Vitiello
How could shifts in organisation, knowledge, and ownership impact the places we play, work, and call home?

Season 5- 3

Nick Gaskell
How to build communities from scratch

Season 5- 2

Will Sandy
Creating sustainable projects to build a new social capital

Season 5 - 1

Jennifer Bryan:
Silence is really loud in leading change.

Season 4 - 6

James Saunders:
Without the right people you can't achieve your business goals.

Season 4 - 5

Nigel Oseland:
Beyond the Workplace Zoo

Season 4 - 4

Lee Penson:
How to deliver big ideas to big brands with a rapid delivery and sustainable outcome.

Season 4 - 3

Dani Salamon & Michael Kieck:
Creating a Blended Solution to Workplace

Season 4 - 2

Jonathan Wagstaffe:
Why We Need To Over-Communicate With Our Staff

Season 4 - 1

Simon Jordon:
Applying First Principle Thinking to Your Workplace

Season 3 - 7

Sally Rice & Beth Harrision:
We had to launch The Virtual Interiors Event to bring back organic connections.

Season 3 - 6

Caroline Pontifex:
Finding the cultural motivation behind a business, and what makes them tick.

Season 3 - 5

Giuseppe Boscherini, Nikita Mikhailov & Olga Vysotska:
How are you feeling?

Season 3 - 4

Neil Usher:
Making stuff happen when nothing stands still

Season 3 - 3

Rachel Basha & Nicola Osborn:
Human centric design and the changing face of the landlord/occupier relationship.

Season 3 - 2

Kay Sargent
Covid is impacting building culture, mentoring, ideating, growing and connecting.

Season 3 - 1

Shane Kelly:
The importance of place and interaction

Season 2 - 13

Nicola Rutt:
Industrial Rehab and transforming old buildings

Season 2 - 12

Rosie Haslem:
The value of an iterative approach to design

Season 2 - 11

Giuseppe Boscherini & Nikita Mikhailov:
what do you get if you cross an architect with a psychologist?

Season 2 - 10

Duncan Gunn:
applying sticky campus thinking to the workplace

Season 2 - 9

Catherine Borowski:
creating a job around the things you love, why art should be accessible and how placemaking can transform space


John Riddell:
A flexible approach to space – what we can learn from theatre design

Season 2 - 8

Jane Clay:
Women in Office Design, understanding your client, and adapting to locales and regions

Season 2 - 6

Richard Russell:
Biophilia, moss, and sustainability in design

Season 2 - 7

Deepak Parmar:
Bringing creativity to the workplace

Season 2 - 5

Killian Keller, Marie Puybaraud, Nerys Mutlow, Catherine Bonnett, Ed Suttie, Oliver Heath, Neil Rebeugeot, Rebecca Goldbe,rg, Madeleine Evans, Rachel Edwards & Nigel Oseland
Workplace Trends: Why bringing human experience into the workplace is crucial

Season 2 - 4

Simone Fenton-Jarvis:
How to transform your workplace culture

Season 2 - 3

Simon Borg:
Bringing brands to life in some of the world's greatest stadiums.

Season 2 - 2

Mijail Gutierrez:
How can spaces influence people’s behaviour?

Season 2 - 1

Nigel Oseland:
Design that fosters collaboration, alleviates loneliness, and supports wellbeing.


Kursty Groves:
Bringing Brands to life in some of the worlds greatest stadiums.


Toby Mildon:
Designing inclusively creates a better environment for everyone


Rob Haworth:
The importance of interior-led architecture


Christopher Crawford:
Using design to bring a building to life for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust


Oliver Kampshoff:
Creating a workspace to reflect an organisation’s culture


Xavier De Kestelier:
Designing buildings for Mars and the moon


Katrina Larkin:
From The Big Chill musical festival to creating Fora, the ‘pro-working’ space


Jenny Jones:
Creating thresholds to re-imagine open plan offices


Neil Usher:
The elements of a successful workplace


Dan Moscrop:
An Introduction to Spacecraft - the Workplace Design Podcast

Season 2 - Episode 12
Spacecraft +
Rosie Haslem:
The value of an iterative approach to design

Topics covered in this episode:


About Spacecraft

The Spacecraft Podcast series reviews and examines how well-designed workspaces can be transformative, not just for day-to-day working, but for businesses as a whole.

Dan Moscrop, Founder and CEO of Them Design speaks with leading businesses to see how design has impacted their workspaces. We interview the directors of co-working organisations that are leading the charge on how office spaces should be created, and the architects behind some of the most innovative office environments you’ll see.