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Season 5- 5

Chris Coleman-Brown
Places need to work for people

Season 5- 4

Rosanna Vitiello
How could shifts in organisation, knowledge, and ownership impact the places we play, work, and call home?

Season 5- 3

Nick Gaskell
How to build communities from scratch

Season 5- 2

Will Sandy
Creating sustainable projects to build a new social capital

Season 5 - 1

Jennifer Bryan:
Silence is really loud in leading change.

Season 4 - 6

James Saunders:
Without the right people you can't achieve your business goals.

Season 4 - 5

Nigel Oseland:
Beyond the Workplace Zoo

Season 4 - 4

Lee Penson:
How to deliver big ideas to big brands with a rapid delivery and sustainable outcome.

Season 4 - 3

Dani Salamon & Michael Kieck:
Creating a Blended Solution to Workplace

Season 4 - 2

Jonathan Wagstaffe:
Why We Need To Over-Communicate With Our Staff

Season 4 - 1

Simon Jordon:
Applying First Principle Thinking to Your Workplace

Season 3 - 7

Sally Rice & Beth Harrision:
We had to launch The Virtual Interiors Event to bring back organic connections.

Season 3 - 6

Caroline Pontifex:
Finding the cultural motivation behind a business, and what makes them tick.

Season 3 - 5

Giuseppe Boscherini, Nikita Mikhailov & Olga Vysotska:
How are you feeling?

Season 3 - 4

Neil Usher:
Making stuff happen when nothing stands still

Season 3 - 3

Rachel Basha & Nicola Osborn:
Human centric design and the changing face of the landlord/occupier relationship.

Season 3 - 2

Kay Sargent
Covid is impacting building culture, mentoring, ideating, growing and connecting.

Season 3 - 1

Shane Kelly:
The importance of place and interaction

Season 2 - 13

Nicola Rutt:
Industrial Rehab and transforming old buildings

Season 2 - 12

Rosie Haslem:
The value of an iterative approach to design

Season 2 - 11

Giuseppe Boscherini & Nikita Mikhailov:
what do you get if you cross an architect with a psychologist?

Season 2 - 10

Duncan Gunn:
applying sticky campus thinking to the workplace

Season 2 - 9

Catherine Borowski:
creating a job around the things you love, why art should be accessible and how placemaking can transform space


John Riddell:
A flexible approach to space – what we can learn from theatre design

Season 2 - 8

Jane Clay:
Women in Office Design, understanding your client, and adapting to locales and regions

Season 2 - 6

Richard Russell:
Biophilia, moss, and sustainability in design

Season 2 - 7

Deepak Parmar:
Bringing creativity to the workplace

Season 2 - 5

Killian Keller, Marie Puybaraud, Nerys Mutlow, Catherine Bonnett, Ed Suttie, Oliver Heath, Neil Rebeugeot, Rebecca Goldbe,rg, Madeleine Evans, Rachel Edwards & Nigel Oseland
Workplace Trends: Why bringing human experience into the workplace is crucial

Season 2 - 4

Simone Fenton-Jarvis:
How to transform your workplace culture

Season 2 - 3

Simon Borg:
Bringing brands to life in some of the world's greatest stadiums.

Season 2 - 2

Mijail Gutierrez:
How can spaces influence people’s behaviour?

Season 2 - 1

Nigel Oseland:
Design that fosters collaboration, alleviates loneliness, and supports wellbeing.


Kursty Groves:
Bringing Brands to life in some of the worlds greatest stadiums.


Toby Mildon:
Designing inclusively creates a better environment for everyone


Rob Haworth:
The importance of interior-led architecture


Christopher Crawford:
Using design to bring a building to life for the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust


Oliver Kampshoff:
Creating a workspace to reflect an organisation’s culture


Xavier De Kestelier:
Designing buildings for Mars and the moon


Katrina Larkin:
From The Big Chill musical festival to creating Fora, the ‘pro-working’ space


Jenny Jones:
Creating thresholds to re-imagine open plan offices


Neil Usher:
The elements of a successful workplace


Dan Moscrop:
An Introduction to Spacecraft - the Workplace Design Podcast

Episode 11
Spacecraft +
Kursty Groves:
Bringing Brands to life in some of the worlds greatest stadiums.

Show Notes

Consultant and Author Kursty Groves joined Dan to discuss how transforming a workspace can lead to a more creative business. She shares insights and stories from her time working with Lego Labs, Airbnb, and the Cabinet Office, as well as research and interviews for her two books. Kursty emphasises how important it is to step back and consider the values of the business, and what you need your people to do. In her work as a Consultant, Kursty aims to give people the tools and the insight to be able to lead change.

About Kursty

Kursty began her career as an engineer, before moving into industrial design, product design, and then working with ?What If! in London and New York. It was there that she started to see the importance of environment for creativity and feel a yearning to create herself, which led to her first book, I Wish I Worked There! – involving over 50 businesses to investigate how they created inspiring working environments. After starting to work as a Workplace Innovation Consultant, she began work on her second book, Spaces for Innovation, published in 2016, which examined the key ingredients behind successful innovative workplaces around the world. Today, Kursty has her own consulting firm, Shape, where she works with large, medium and small business to co-create great places to work. She is also a postgraduate professor at IE University on space for innovation.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Kursty’s 5 E’s philosophy: efficiency, effectiveness, expression, empowerment, and evolution
  • The benefits of having four generations in the workforce at the same time
  • The motivations behind her two books
  • Key ingredients for successful, innovative workplaces
  • Next steps for Shape

About Spacecraft

The Spacecraft Podcast series reviews and examines how well-designed workspaces can be transformative, not just for day-to-day working, but for businesses as a whole.

Dan Moscrop, Founder and CEO of Them Design speaks with leading businesses to see how design has impacted their workspaces. We interview the directors of co-working organisations that are leading the charge on how office spaces should be created, and the architects behind some of the most innovative office environments you’ll see.